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Southwest Quinoa Power Bowl


2 servings


40 minutes


A filling plant-based meal using simple whole foods and some adobo seasoning makes for one delicious Southwest Power Bowl. Top with a homemade honey lime dressing and you'll make this meal on repeat!

why you'll love it

Quinoa Power Bowl


Cook quinoa. Rinse quinoa and place in small pot with water. Allow pot to come to a boil, add in seasoning and simmer for about 15 minutes.

step one

Sauté sweet potatoes. Cook your chopped sweet potato and onion in medium pan with olive oil until tender. 

step TWO

 Sauté peppers. Add salt and pepper, or more seasoning if you wish.

step three

Make dressing. In a medium bowl or blend combine coconut milk, honey,  lime juice, and olive oil.

step four

Assemble bowls. Distribute quinoa, potatoes and onions, black beans, bell pepper, and sliced avocado in bowls.

step five

Top with honey lime dressing and garnish with cilantro if you wish and enjoy!


You can eat this power bowl chilled if you’ve made it ahead of time or warm it up before eating it. It would also make a great filler for tacos.

ways to enjoy

This recipe keeps best refrigerated in an airtight container in the fridge, best used within 7 days. 


Power bowls are super simple and a great idea to meal prep!

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