Banana Bread Energy Bars {Vegan, Paleo, Whole30}

stack of banana bread energy bars with dried fruit, nuts, and banana

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This Banana Bread Energy Bar recipe tastes just like the store-bought version, but better! With just 3 ingredients and the help of your food processor, these no-bake fruit and nut snack bars will be ready in 20 minutes or less. Vegan, Paleo, and Whole30, too!




  1. Toast Nuts: Preheat oven to 325ºF and place raw nuts on baking sheet. Toast nuts for 8-12 minutes, or until lightly golden brown. Allow toasted nuts to cool on pan for 10 minutes. Toasting is optional but it brings out more flavor.
  2. Soak Dates & Dried Bananas: In a medium sized bowl, cover pitted dates and dried bananas with warm water. Let sit for 3 minutes to soften dates and bananas. Then drain. If dates are really moist, no need to soak. My dried bananas were fairly dried out, so those needed to be soaked for a few minutes.
  3. Make Bars: In the bowl of your food processor, add cooled toasted nuts. Process until they’re in tiny pieces, almost to meal texture. Next, add in drained pitted dates, dried bananas, and cinnamon, if using, process/pulse until broken down and mixture starts to come together. See photos in post for visual.
  4. Remove S blade from bowl of processor. Transfer mixture into lined 9×5 loaf pan or 8×8 baking pan and press mixture down flat. Transfer pan to freezer for 10 minutes, or fridge for 30 minutes, allowing the bars to set for easier cutting. Then gently life the parchment paper to remove the bars, placing on cutting board. Use large sharp knife to cut the bars into 12 even squares (or desired number of servings).
  5. Store bars in airtight container in fridge up to two weeks, or freezer up to 3 months. Enjoy!


Bars can also be rolled into tablespoon size balls. You should get around 24 balls. Store in fridge or freezer.

Feel free to add up to 3 servings of collagen peptides, which would be very similar to the Pumpkin Spice Paleo Protein Bars.

If you’d like to use plant-based protein, you’ll likely need to add some liquid. I’d recommend adding no more than 1/2 cup plant protein powder, and add 1-2 tablespoons of water at a time until mixture is no longer dry and holds together well.